Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sense of Urgency is needed NOW, Obama White House

I am going to repeat what one diarist wrote this evening:

What the f**k is the White House thinking?

Do they understand the magnitude of this unfolding disaster?

Do they realize that they look and sound like the keystone cops, or worse, the Bush Administration?

And none of this is laughable....

The interview below is from Rachel Maddow with Energy Secretary, Steven Chu. I want everyone to understand something, perception matters. Ask former Prime Minister Gordon Brown after calling a constituent a "bigot". That one liner sealed the deal for many Brits who voted for the other guy. Chu's demeanor is that of academia, but when you have the public starting to fester in anger with people that DEPEND on their livelihood in conjunction with the BP Oil Spill disaster, I would THINK emotions of empathy is warranted. First video is with Ann Thompson, the second with Steven Chu. And the part from Chu that he only knows what he reads in the papers, is well, flabbergasting.

As Donna Brazile stated to Howard Fineman, "Where is the Fierce Urgency of Now". This from Countdown with Keith Olbermann:

The problem with all of this is that when you have a spill that is uncontrollable and the public SEES IT live daily, the reality really starts to sink in. The reality is that the Gulf Coast may not ever recover from this for DECADES. Then we have to witness ineptness and dishonesty of BP in relations to the TRUTH of what is actually happening, we know that the Obama Administration has very little if any solutions to fix this problem. It means that the Obama White House relies on BP for getting this spill capped and so far, BP gets an "F" in everything associated with this disaster.

Remember, George W. Bush was refuted by the public and it started with his handling of Hurricane Katrina. Bush's claim to fame photo of him flying over the Katrina disaster will be remembered for years to come. A photo of the leader of this country looking not engaged. Barack Obama appearing to be "MIA", is not good EITHER. Natural and man made disasters happens EVERY DAY, but people of this country elect individuals, parties, and presidents to be on the ball to fix it. Most importantly the public expects the truth as it become known, UP FRONT. BP did not do this and many, if you asked on the street, could not tell you what the hell the Obama Administration is doing about it. That is just the truth. Yes, you will post links, etc., but don't do it for me, this administration needs to CONSTANTLY communicate this to the public. That is not happening on the ground, but miscommunication and perceptions are starting to take place.

I know, another faux outrage diary, but the reality is that on the communication tip, the Obama White House gets an "F" as well. The "F" is for AGAIN, losing the narrative of this oil spill. We saw this last summer with the health care bill, which is now law.

Lastly, Obama White House please put people on television that one can at least, BELIEVE what they are saying? Just as the lack of communication is a killer, the belief that BP will make the Gulf Coast "whole again" is not just believable, as we all are reading this KNOW IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

This oil spill will destroy the Gulf Coast as we know it and that is the DAILY FEAR that people of this region is coming to grips with. They have every right to be angry because it not only affects them but every person in the United States of America.

Update [2010-5-25 14:21:54 by icebergslim]:
Glad to see people ENGAGED, now we need to get the WH engaged. I don't like that Obama is flying around for fundraisers and coming back to CHI, my home city, Chicago. But he needs a break and the Chicago Police needs more to do, other than having gun shootouts which is happening daily here. But for those who want David Axelrod out, here he is on several news programs. Click on the link when he was on Hardball, it was then that I knew this man needs to be sent packing. Videos, links here....

Update [2010-5-25 15:55:59 by icebergslim]:
As I predicted, President Obama will be in the Gulf Coast on Friday before he jets to Chicago for the Memorial Day Weekend. My advice to POTUS, cop a squat on a cot and keep RETURNING to the Gulf Coast, WEEKLY...

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