Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stop talking about health care and get on this recession and JOBS....

Look, the health insurance debate is over. Period.

Many have hardened how they feel about it, whether for or against. Period.

The Democrats and President Obama got to deal with many unhappy campers out here about it and their lack of understanding what this law means now. Democrats had more than a year to sell health insurance reform and did not do a good job, period. We know that, we saw it last summer. Since then the message has NEVER been retained, the Democrats lost the message on this.

Enough of explaining a bill, that was crappy from the onset, that had to be immediately FIXED and now trying to explain what the public will get, but most of it won't start until 2014. Yes, a cluster fuck. In fact, my sister told me that at her job, the human resources phone was ringing off the HOOK because many parents wanted to put their kids onto their insurance plan, IMMEDIATELY. You know the, "you can be insured until 26". Many thought that it would happen immediately, when in fact not until 6-8 months out. Again, misinformation running amuck.

So, can this President and Democrats move to this economy and NO JOBS OUT HERE. Why? Well, many have been unemployed for more than 6 months, with many moving towards over a year. Can we see some movement on how the Democrats plan to cope with this? And can we see some selling of this?

Am I frustrated much? You betcha. The mid-term elections will be about a few things: the econonmy, lack of jobs, fear of losing a job, continued mortage foreclosures in the millions, and anger at all these BAILOUTS to the banks, Wall Street and NO HELP out here for the average joe.

While the President is all smiles with President Medvedev of Russia on a re-boot of the Start Treaty for reduction of nuclear weapons, the public is viewing this as a huge YAWN. Yes, this is important (if it can get through the senate), but to the average joe, NOT MUCH, jobs and this economy is what is important to joe.

So, while President Obama and the Democrats are playing catch up, the polls are continuing to erode and how people feel out here on this very shitty economy is hardening. There is nothing like anger on populist messages to send everyone packing in November and that means, Democrats. Now, one of many stories of foreclosure and job loss.....

Since Richard Brown lost his job to the recession and his Boston home to foreclosure a year ago, he’s been working short-term consulting assignments until he gets back on his feet. In the meantime, he’s been “couch surfing.”

“I’ve lived with my brother, my cousin, my friend and my dad,” he said. “The IRS keeps calling me, asking me: ‘What’s your address?’ And I say, ‘What week is this?’”

Armed with college degree and an MBA, Brown, 49, built a solid resume over three decades as a corporate controller for several Fortune 500 companies, including W.R. Grace and Wal-Mart, before launching his own global consulting business with clients in Europe and Mexico. But when the Panic of 2008 sent clients scrambling, he was unable to keep up with a jump in his mortgage payments and lost his home to foreclosure.

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