Friday, February 12, 2010

If you don't believe the Democrats are weak, watch this video

I have written most of 2009 about Barack Obama, the Democrats and leadership. Well, the historians will have a hay day on Obama and 2009, along with the capitulation of the Democrats in D.C. Obama's lack of leadership on his cornerstone "wannabee" legislation of health care will be written about a man who did NOTHING, but just hand it off to the corrupt congress who did what congress does, change the bill to a corporate giveaway to the insurance companies.

Many state just pass that atrocious health care bill as is, well fine, but be prepared to campaign on tax hikes, mandatory purchase of insurance, which is not popular with the public. In fact, the public hates this senate bill, but the Democrats who are stuck in back room deals, must take it. This bill will not save one endangered Democrat in November, you know that and I know that, but to pass legislation because we don't have shit to show for it just proves how far the Democrats have dropped.

There are many who follow Barack Obama and listen to every word out of his mouth as gospel, I am not one of those. I worked very hard on getting Obama and Democrats elected in 2008, to only see what we have.

Scared, weak, corporate bought Democrats.

As 2010 is ramping up, look what we have. A health care that is on oxygen. A jobs bill that will be riddled with "tax cuts" because that is what Republicans want. And Democrats running scurred because instead of doing their jobs, they are trying to save their jobs.

2010 will be hard on Democrats and to be quite honest, it should be. When you are in the majority and don't have shit to show for it, do you think these people should stay in power?

Lawrence O'Donnell from The Ed Show telling it like it is:

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