Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Change we can believe in. Really? (pictures)

I know, I know, I am about to be attacked, but before you do, let's stroll down memory lane.

This sign was downtown Chicago, I actually went downtown just to view this. Being African-American, I can not explain, how proud I was, many of us were.

The NIGHT, at Grant Park in Chicago. Barack Obama won, he is the next POTUS. Before there was Blackwaterdog, Muzikial203, there was me and before ME, there was Al Rodgers. A very happy, jubilant and shocking time. See all the pics, here.

Remember when Barack did Denver? 100K came out. What a memory.

Remember when Barack did the Philly Sprint? The pictures and more important the people, with HOPE in their eyes, came out from everywhere in Philadelphia. This diary, as I remember, I received more personal emails about.

And my weekly, This Week With Barack Obama.


I wrote a weekly diary following and capitalizing on Barack Obama and his phenomenal campaign. I did this from 2007 through the end of the campaign. I raised over 12K through the Obama Campaign's grassroots fundraiser. Most of the money, from these diaries and the hard fight that was fought, came from people right here on this website, the money came from you. I can not tell you HOW MANY people contacted me, actually gave their max donation through my little link. People telling me to keep going, keep writing, loving the pictures. Many know my story, how I grew up in politics, it was interwoven throughout my life. Yes, me.

Now, I am directly against what the Democrats in congress has done to health care for the people of this nation.

While I am happy that Medicare is now starting for those at 55, what about everyone else? Because I am no where near 55, as many reading this. And the public option?

I am mad, angry at Barack Obama and the Democrats. Why? Because for 2 years Barack Obama campaigned on "Health Care like Congress", but once in office Obama became a cricket. I am angry because if a campaign, YES, campaign was run with this slogan, who in their right mind would DENY IT. This would have been difficult for even the Republicans to deny. Do you think they will actually say, "We don't want the American people to have health care like us!!!"

This issue was too easy to win, but was not used.

I am mad because I watched the leaders in the White House do very little over the summer against the lies and repeated noise that was on television about the public option. Yes, it was utter bullshit, but when you are limited in response, that disinformation just sits. That is what happened. Oh, don't forget we had to listen to President Obama say wonderful things about the Republicans, especially Chuck Grassley, while Grassley continued to turn the knife in our President's back. That was hard to watch, swallow and many became angry that we have a President that continues to PRAISE the very party that will NEVER vote on ANYTHING with his name on it. Sad.

Now we have a public option or bullshit, that will be given to the very entity (health insurance companies) that have destroyed many families, killed many by denying their claims, and will rescission you to your grave. We are suppose to trust a non-profit organization to protect us? Remember, everyone how Blue Cross Blue Shield started, as a non-profit insurance company. We are supposed to trust this? And let us not forget how the Obama White House made secret deals to various health care industries before A BILL was even out there. That deal with pharmaceutical industries was a very bad deal, especially when you try to LIE yourself out of it, but then must come clean. Whatever happened to "know when to hold em' and know when to fold em'?" Because they did not even TRY to negotiate with this industry, especially when Barack Obama ran around this country talking about "heat of the night deals" with this very industry in regards to the Bush Administration. This White House did the same damn thing, as Bush.

Finally, the public option is not recognized any longer. It is a watered down provision that covers about 2-6M people in this country. Which is real bullshit. That is not change anyone can believe in. In fact, expect the insurance companies to laugh themselves to the bank. Yes, bank, because through all of this, we the American Public, MUST purchase health care, while we have gotten screwed (as some believe) through this process.

I worked very hard for Barack Obama and the Democrats. I worked my ass off, many on here KNOW THAT. So, to write I am disappointed is being nice. So, from here on out, I will not give a dime to OFA, DNC, Democrats. I will OPT OUT and choose candidates that I believe will fight for change. I will PICK and CHOOSE who I will support.

I am a Democrat and will DIE one, but Barack Obama and the Democrats in D.C. got in with a mandate vote. The very many, millions, who are young, voted for the first time, disenfranchise voters, cross-over voters, what about them? Because right now, many of these voters feel it is still business as usual in Washington, D.C. and certainly don't represent them. Not for this, not for this watered down health care package.

OK, flame away.

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