Monday, November 23, 2009

Obama to address the nation on Afghanistan, December 1, 2009

Well, we will finally hear a plan or vagueness of a plan from President Obama. It is up in the air until December 1st. The rumor is we are sending a sizable force to Afghanistan, but what happened to the wasting of spending over 10 billion a month from this White House? We have been over there, what, 8 years and don't have nothing to show for it? Remember, the Soviets fought over in Afghanistan for 10 years and damn near killed their economy doing so. Eventually, the United States of America got to say "enough" or pony up on that "draft thingy", because the truth and reality is that we don't have the troops to send over there and what will 30K or 40K do in Afghanistan. The country alone is dense, sparse and huge, but we are fighting for what? Yes, 9/11, but the Bush Regime took its eyes off the prize and we wasted manpower and money in Iraq, so we are still fighting 2 wars and still with nothing to show for it. Oh, yes, we have become really good at wasting money and nation building, while we can't even perform the same for our own citizens. A shame. Lastly, that Nobel Peace Prize, was for what again?

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