Thursday, October 1, 2009

Insurance executives stated the public option will not bankrupt them

And the Republicans are taking up for what? And why?

Insurance executives during a September meeting assured investors that, no matter what happens in health system reform, their companies would continue to exist.

A few days later, before members of Congress, a panel of executives for some of the same companies laid out reasons why the companies should continue to exist.

The timing was coincidental. But as the debate over health system reform began to narrow in focus, health plans appeared confident that their business model would stay essentially the same, and could even get a boost from reform.

With the potential for a public plan that would compete with private plans in flux, and a requirement for people to have health insurance gaining traction, executives told investors that reform could represent a large pool of new customers, rather than a threat to profits
"We think the ability to reform the insurance markets has the potential to bring a substantial number of new customers to the market," Aetna Chief Executive Officer and Chair Ronald Williams told investors and analysts at the New York conference, hosted by Morgan Stanley

The boost from reform is the mandatory purchase of health insurance. This is a stickler, one that President Obama has not REMOVED from the many remarks, speeches he has made. So, if the American Public MUST purchase this insurance, like car insurance, then there should be no problem with a government run public option. Right?

Right now, the Republicans and the Republican-Lite Democrats are hell bent on preserving the status quo, with very little change. These people are trying to sell incremental or baby steps in any possible way to the public. At this point, the feeling of the Democratic Party and many Independents is good luck in trying that one.


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