Friday, January 2, 2009

Now Harry Reid is the Governor of Illinois, Wants to Appoint Dan Seals

Yes, Harry Reid is the Acting Governor of Illinois. Why Harry? Because he is the one, with Dick Durbin making the moves here, no one else. Since Reid has dipped both feet in Blago's waters he is now behind the scenes to push, prop and prep Dan Seals to replace Obama in the US Senate. Dan Seals, Mr. Milquetoast, is Harry Reid's compromise choice. Seals is bi-racial, African-American and was not on Obama's list of replacements for his seat.

Sources said the choice is likely to be someone young and dynamic, like Dan Seals, who ran in a northeast Illinois House district in 2006 and 2008. It needs to be someone who would appeal to the white Republicans in downstate Illinois, to prevent the seat going to the GOP in a future election.

Is there anything wrong with Seals? No. He ran and lost twice for Mark Kirk's congressional seat in IL-10. The problem is that Unindicted Governor Rod Blagojevich already appointed a candidate to replace Obama, Roland Burris. The other problem are the legal ramifications here. No matter how anyone feels about Blago, he is the Illinois Governor, NOW and that is how the law will look at it.

For Harry Reid to get Dan Seals ready for say March or April to be named will backfire. First, they have to get Blago out of office and who knows how long that will take, next Burris have a very strong case and will fight for this appointment (he already has a motion in the IL Supreme Court), and if Burris fights this he could win.

Why in the world would Harry Reid want to jump into Illinois politics is beyond my belief!!! If Reid somehow steal the appointment from Burris and do some behind the back politicking and have Lt. Quinn (if he becomes a governor) appoint Seals, this move too, will look ILLEGITIMATE.

And guess what? The Republican candidate looks stronger by the day.

Let the drama from Illinois continue....


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